SEND Implementation User Group Minutes 2012-07-10

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When: 2012-07-10, 11:00am-12:00pm EST
Place: Telecon



Participant Attended
Lynda Sands
Troy Smyrnios X
Jennifer Feldmann X
Lou Ann Kramer
Bill Houser X
Frederic Mura X
Louis Norton
Sarah Obbers
Debra Oetzman
Audrey Walker X
Wenxian Wang X
Peggy Zorn X


Biweekly telecon confirmed, every other week at 11-12 EST, starting 7/9.

Next meeting: 7/23, 11-12 EST


Terms of Use

Troy discussed and briefly showed the Terms of Use from Lynda. Team will take a look in preparation for finalization by next telecon.


The forum topic was skipped. This area will likely be discussed in the next telecon.


The team discussed the wiki strawman.


A good deal of high-level brainstorming was done, fleshing out some of the ideas that could be represented by each page. These are represented in the new Visio file that Troy will send out.


  • FAQ – to possibly have subpages based on category of question (e.g., Trial Design, Dosing, etc.)
  • Known Issues – to include high-level or high-impact, with referral to CCT, as well as maintaining applicable version(s)
  • SDTM Fundamentals – to include information on working with XPT files
  • CT Fundamentals – to include information on NCI Thesaurus, how to get/use CT, links, and mapping considerations
  • Getting SEND-Ready – to include training (where/who) and internal process considerations (e.g., integration points, who owns processes, etc.)

Pages on the chopping block:

  • "OpenCDISC Validator" – probably not needed; can likely just be a link from the Getting SEND-Ready page
  • "Glossary" – probably not needed. Terms will be discussed in various other pages; the IG goes into detail on these things.
  • "Mapping" (subpart of CT Fundamentals)
  • "Producing a submission" (moved as subpart of Getting SEND-Ready)

Sample Data

Some discussion was around having sample datasets (SEND and define) that could be included so people have something from which to start.


Some discussion revolved around the location for the wiki. Troy will ask Chris Decker if the PhUSE wiki can be directly used for this purpose or if a subsite of some form should be used.


The team discussed tagging the pages to make it easier to find information on topics. It was confirmed that this can be done with the wiki pages, although only at the page level (no further in granularity).

Having these categories set ahead of time will help ensure pages get appropriately tagged, saving some post hoc updates needed.

Troy will send out a strawman of categories to review next meeting.

Action Items

Responsible Task Timeframe
Lynda Send out Terms of Use 1-2 days
Troy Prepare categories strawman 1-2 days
Troy Send revised wiki strawman 2-3 days
Troy Ask Chris for location of SEND Implementation Wiki 2-4 days
Team Look over Terms of Use; Confirm as good to finalize Next telecon (7/23)
Team Look over updated wiki strawman Next telecon (7/23)
Team Review categories from Troy; suggest new ones Next telecon (7/23)
Team Come up with any relevant content that could go into an FAQ page Next few telecons

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