SEND Implementation Minutes 2012-04-20

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Present: Sue, Louis, Jen, Tim, Shree, Bill, Jeremy, Troy, Lynda

I. Call for participation

1. Venues for Announcement
a. PhUSE will send announcement to attendees + others
b. Tim will get it on an FDA website
2. Actions.
a. Tim will:
Review each project's Wiki page to ensure skills are present and ask for it if it is lacking
Draft letter for Call for participation by early next week which will
Ask recipients to recruit others
Be a broad announcement with needed skills and links to details
Indicate these activities are leading up to the next annual meeting
Indicate that instructions for indicating interest are on the project Wiki pages
b. We are aiming for all to be ready by end of next week for announcement start of the following week.
c. Each project Wiki must specify how to join and suggested level of commitment.
d. If insufficient responses are obtained in a few weeks, we will re-consider importance and other options.
e. Mirror content of announcement letter onto the CSS6 main page

II. SEND Implementation meeting

1. Intercompany Data Exchange
a. Plan for next 2 weeks
i. Sue and Troy will create Wiki page to
1. Describe Scope of work, based on today’s discussion.
2. Participation needs
ii. Shree and Bill have started drafting data flow template and plan to have a draft with two examples available for comment.
2. SEND User Group
a. Troy and Lynda created Wiki page to
1. Describe Scope of work
2. Participation needs
b. Plan for next 2 weeks - wait for and process responses to call for participation.
3. Next Meeting in 2 weeks. This will be our regularly scheduled meeting time.