SDSP 5 March 2015 Meeting Minutes

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  • Review template and gain alignment on the content before posting to the PhUSE Wiki.


  • Cathy Bezek
  • Mary Beth Blauwet
  • Kate Dwyer
  • Gitte Frausing
  • Kristin Kelly
  • Jane Lozano
  • Nick Naro
  • Anne Russotto

Meeting Discussion

  • The team started discussing the oversight and maintenance of the plan. Anne is on the Computational Science Steering Committee. She shared with the group that there is a process sub-team that is addressing the issue of maintenance of deliverables (who are the owners, who maintains the deliverables, etc.). They are aware that there needs to be a governance mechanism to receive comments (FDA, PhUSE, CDISC) and to address the comments. She will keep this group informed of the progress. DJ will get updates on this, too.
  • Jane informed the team that Ron Fitzmartin has indicated that FDA is working on a template for this plan as well. However, it is not ready to be released for public comments.
  • The team discussed the addition of a references section to the template. Jane has added this. Please see the template that was sent to you on March 5, 2015.
  • Jane would like to have any feedback on the template sent today (with the references section) back by end of business day Monday, March 9th. She will then post it to the Wiki and communicate this with the appropriate steering committees.
  • The team discussed the conference and the time allotted for this plan. Jane will ask DJ for more information as this is a high profile project and Jane has requested a separate room (as opposed to the big room that the working groups met in last year).

Action Items

  • [Jane] Create meeting minutes and send to the team.
  • [Jane] Follow up with DJ about the room at the conference and if we are able to have a separate room.
  • [Jane] Create a few slides to be used at the beginning of the session at the conference. The slides would include an agenda, high level overview of what has been done since the last conference, and the sections of the SDSP.