SDSP 22 January 2015 Meeting Minutes

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  • Review template and possibly example document that were included in the meeting invitation.


  • Cathy Bezek
  • Mary Beth Blauwet
  • Michael Brennan
  • Tony Chang
  • DJ Chhatre
  • Kate Dwyer
  • Beate Hientzsch
  • Kristin Kelly
  • Susan Kenny
  • Jane Lozano
  • Nick Naro
  • Anne Russotto
  • Linda Simonsson
  • Peggy Zorn

Meeting Discussion

  • The PhUSE Conference in March: Those that indicated they are planning on attending are Cathy, Mary Beth, Michael, Tony, Kate, Kristin, Susan, Jane, Nick, and Anne. We will meet during the working group sessions.
  • The team discussed the template that Jane sent to everyone prior to the meeting. The template won't have drop-down values due to the effort in maintaining the template over time, but a sponsor could choose to add them. The example document shows where drop-down values could apply. * This team will meet every 2 weeks up until the March meeting.
  • The start date of a study is the date of the earliest consent date.

Action Items

  • [Jane] Update the template based on feedback received after the meeting. The team will discuss at the next meeting.