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|Siddharth Arthi ||Zifornd
|Siddharth Arthi ||Zifornd
|Trisha Simpson || UCB
|Yixun Wu || Syneoshealth
|Yixun Wu || Syneoshealth

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Project Overview

The increasing interest/pressure to including results based on real world data as part of regulated clinical trial submissions and similar research initiatives is testing how current regulatory and good practice requirements can incorporate these results into submissions. Whilst specific projects have successfully addressed these issues, RWE guidelines or points for consideration are not yet formalised. PhUSE members are centrally involved in the management and analysis of these data, and best practice guidance for dealing with RWE data would assist members in this space. The project has three goals: 1: Establish a PhUSE project or WG to focus on RWE issues. 2: Develop a white paper / presentation focused on establishing the range of areas that need to be considered/impact on the use of RWE in support of regulated clinical trial submissions. This would be focused on identifying issues such as data sources, RWE technologies, data privacy and related issues, standards etc. impacting on RWE use. (e.g. see PhUSE SDE London May 2019 presentations). 3: Identify and prioritise future RWE projects/sub-projects.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Andy Richardson Co-Lead Independent andy.richardson@phuse.eu

Project Members

Name Organisation
Adam Reich IQVIA
Andy Steen EdjAnalytics.com
Anil Sekhari Sekharico Informatics
Berber Snoeijer Clinline
Charan Kumar Ephicacy
David Hood Pfizer
Marcus Lawrance Roche
Nurcan Coskun Industry
Oluseun Shittu GlaxoSmithKline
Paul Murray SAS
Rachel Bowman Loxley Analytics
Rosa Bianca Gallo The Hyve
Sangeeta Bhattacharya JNJ
Shelley Fordred GSK
Siddharth Arthi Zifornd
Trisha Simpson UCB
Yixun Wu Syneoshealth

Project Activities

Project Updates

Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

Objective Timeline
Establish PhUSE RWE Project / WG Sep-2019
PhUSE Whitepaper/Presentation: Basic Considerations for the Use of RWE Data in Support of Regulated Clinical Trial Submissions Dec-2019
Consider and initiate RWE projects/sub-projects in identified areas for future consideration Dec-2019