R-shiny Interactive Forest Plot in Collaboration with ASA

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Project Overview

Development of R-shiny application(s) to enable the generation of identified plots for direct inclusion in submission packages for regulatory agencies. Initial scope is to develop tools to generate forest plots for inclusion in submissions to the FDA. This work is in conjunction with the ASA.

Project Leads

Dhananjay Chhatre Co-lead PHUSE dhananjay.chhatre@gilead.com
Melvin Munsaka Co-lead Abbvie melvin.munsaka@abbvie.com
Bryant Chen Co-lead FDA bryant.chen@fda.hhs.gov

Project Updates

Newly formed project. If you wish to join, contact Workinggroups@phuse.eu

Objectives and Timelines

Objective Timeline
Tool Specification End of Q2 2020
Tool Development/Pilot End of Q3 2020

Project Activities

Meeting Minutes

Archived Content