Platform for Standard Script Development: Progress as of September 18 2012

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This page contains the text version of this powerpoint presentation:

Sharing Standard Statistical Scripts: Simple Slides

A Journey in Progress September 18 2012 Michael Carniello Subgroup 3 of PhUSE Working Group 5

The Question

  • What platforms are available to use a medium for developing, publishing and maintaining Standard Statistical Scripts – with world-wide developers being in industry, academia and government?
  • In FDA/PhUSE Meeting in early 2012, Subgroup 3 of Working Group 5 took on this question

It is a Start

  • Ian Fleming, Hanming Tu and Mike Carniello spent some time working as a sub-subgroup and looked hard at Github
  • They also looked at GoogleDocs, as Github proved to be fairly intense
  • After a few around tests, and we agree that GoogleDocs provides a reasonable starting place for such a platform
  • With Google rolling out GoogleDrive to replace GoogleDocs, it might be a better choice for developing, authoring and sharing scripts
  • As of September 18 2012, Mike has developed and shared couple of scripts that he has developed through that GoogleDocs

The Rest of This Slide Deck contains:

  • Some information about Github, how it looks and works, and why it was rejected
  • Some information about GoogleDocs, how it looks and works, and why it seems like a reasonable first approach


  • Used to develop Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Github: It’s Complicated
  • Looks Good; What’s the Problem?
  • In testers’ opinions, too much for classic statistical programming users
    • Too complicated an interface
    • Too much overhead for simple development
    • Too much training and education needed
  • Fair enough; Github designed for classic programming languages like C and Java (not for things like R and SAS)


  • Designed for collaboration on a variety of documents
  • Bar is low with respect to learning and using
  • Advantage – not horriby sophisticated
  • Disadvantage – not horribly sophisticated

The slides contain an example of mimicking at R graph within SAS

Mike’s suggested next steps:

  • Pick a finite list of scripts to develop
  • Assign primary authors and set milestones/deadlines for GoogleDoc deliveries
  • After last development deadline, post to PhUSEWiki

Update 2012-09-24 by User:EJvanStein

Update 2012-09-24 by User:Mikec

  • Continue testing via Google Code - I'm excited, looks better than Google Docs - but not as overwhelming as Github.