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FDA/PhUSE Standard Script Working Group Meeting

  • Afternoon, 18Mar2013 - whole group;
  • Morning session??; Afternoon, 19Mar2013
Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring Maryland, USA
group and project leads
all the people who are interested in getting to know or join this group

Meeting Agenda

The session plan for the March meeting is presented below
  • Agenda
    • Day 1 – 3.5 hours: work together in one room;
    • Day 2 – 5 hours: need two rooms
  • Logistics (1 or 2 rooms):
    • Assigned two rooms
    • Teleconference for remote participants: not provided
  • Objectives for the WG sessions: give time for participants to give feedback
    • Suggestions to the WG
    • Sign up for one or more projects from the eight projects

Day 1

  • Giving background info (15 m) – Mat
    • History of sub-groups into eight projects
  • Working Group wiki pages (15 m) - Hanming
  • Group report (45 m) – Sally/Mary/Kevin
    • Intro to each of the eight projects
    • Q & A
    • Breakout to two sesions
  • Communication plan (30 m) – Dirk/Kevin
  • Break (15 m)
  • Finalizing platform – overview, guideline, roles, duties, issue tracking (.5 h) – Hanming
  • Demonstrating the platform for collaborating – brief demo (.5 h) – Hanming/Kevin/Mike C.

Day 2

Break into two sessions: 1) white papers; 2) process of using Google code and validation

Assign people for the following tasks
  • Facilitator
  • Scribe
  • Breakout Session 1: Discussing white papers
    • Setting and confirming agenda - Mary
    • Final discussion on the first white paper – Mary
    • Break
    • Defining the process of getting remaining white papers done and recruiting and assigning tasks to people - Mary
  • Breakout Session 2: Process of using Google code and validation
    • Interactive workshop on how to use Google Code (1 h) – Hanming/Mike C.;
    • Process for creating standard scripts and documenting the process (1 h) – Kevin/Lina/Jean-Marc
    • Lunch
    • License, procurement, open source legal discussion (1 h) – Max/Mat/Sally/Kevin (1 h)
    • Validation process Kevin/Lina/Jean-Marc (.5 h)
    • Break
    • White paper overview Mary (30 m)
    • Action plan - assigning people to projects (1 h)

Action Plan

Action items for working group leads
  • Conduct every other week (twice a month) meetings
  • Coordinate the projects
General actions for project leads
  • Send email to Daniel Boisvert [] if you do not have right to edit the project wiki pages
  • Update the project wiki pages
  • Recruit members
  • Conduct every other week (twice a month) meetings and track the progress and discussion in meeting minutes
  • Compiling Metadata - Jack/Lina
  • Creating index page (rating, feedback, etc) - Ian F.
  • Volunteers for developing script for FDA Clinical Review Guidance
    • Script for 71.1.1- Mike C.
    • Script for - John G
    • Script for - Ted P.
    • Script for - Sara K.
  • Contact Chris Decker for contributor agreement (P04) - Sally C.
  • Look into copy right about papers and codes within the papers - Jean-Marc.
  • Add code to white paper 1 - Wei Wang, Frank S., Musa N.
  • Look into some technical issues (save/publish, rollback, lock, block-on, etc.) - Hanming T.
  • Process documentation (comment issue, save/publish, voting, packaging for download, etc.) - Kevin
  • Decision: we will not call "validation" just call "qualification".
  • Research on "Disclaimer" - Kevin/Sally
  • Decision:
    • all the users who wants to contribute and work on scripts get "committer" role.
  • Look into the possibilities of using different licenses for individual script in Google Code - Kevin/Sally
  • Review validation doc (stamp: Q - Phuse; U: FDA, Comp X; V: Comp X, Y) - Sara K.

Follow up

Next Meeting

Apr 3, 9:00~10:00 AM EST

Next Steps

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