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PhUSE : TA Wiki

TC: 30.9.2013


Angelo Tinazzi
Sascha Ahrweiler
Oliver Wirtz
Hinal Patel
Nand Rawat
Christian Mueller

Topics – Preparation of Workshops at PhUSE annual Conference

Workshop duration 1.5 hours.

Presentations of Wiki 45 min
Q&A 10 min
Interactive part 20 min
Wrap up 15 min

Questionnaires will be sent out to contributors – a summary of one to 2 slides as introduction for the workshop would be compiled – ad-hoc decision if they can be discussed at the workshop given time permits. If not the results will be communicated differently e.g. via the news letter.

Facilitator for the workshop:

Onc on Monday:

Karen Rowe
Christian and Hinal
1 more to identify -> action Christian

TA on Wednesday:

1 more to identify -> action Christian

Questions for the workshop:


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• What are the implication of tumor specific characteristics (different Oncology indications and or implications of first and second line therapy) as it relates to data analysis and/or submission?


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• Handling of different questionnairs, available and potential for standards (e.g. mapping to SDTM), what is your experience and view?

General questions:

• Is there a need for TA knowledge for Statistical Programmers?
• What is your feedback regarding the structure of the Wiki and the level of detail shared by the contributors?