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Dear all,

find here a brief summary of the meeting.

Attendees: Sascha Ahrweiler, Hinal Patel, Angelo Tinazzi, Nand Rawat, Irmgard Hollweck

Topics: Planning for PhUSE workshop sessions, there will be one each for Oncology (Monday) and RA (Wednesday) respectively.

They shall consist of three main parts: Overview on the contents available and presented on the PhUSE Wiki page Feedback on the remote collaboration via Wiki Workshop discussion and contribution including all participants

The upcoming time to the PhUSE conference will focus on preparing for the Conference workshops.

On the 1. Oliver Wirtz will be leading for RA, on Oncology Angelo Tinazzi will be leading, Nand will help to compile the information on the slides for Oncology On 2. Christian Mueller will make a brief survey with all contributors even if they never were able to join to here about their experience and challenges. On 3. Topics to be added (Action for all for next TC -9.9. ) that are suitable for generating discussion, gathering information or any initiating any contribution that will help to expand the Wikis further

Meetings to work on the above will now be held weekly at the same time.

In the workshops feedback forms will be provided that are tailored to the the workshop character and the topic of open collaboration - Sasha will provide a a draft proposal.

For preparation of presentations: Two slide sets are attached -one is an early draft proposal on RA and the other is the PhUSE Conference template. The template should be used for the presentation. Next meeting will focus on the level of information that the presentations can and should cover.

Kind regards Christian

PS: Even if some of you have never been able to make it so far it is not too late - we would be looking for facilitators in the workshops which can also be done without detailed knowledge on the subject, the knowledge will come from the participants. Support on how to do this will be provided.