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This page gives instructions on how to get updates on wiki pages.


Ever wanted to know when a page has been updated without continually going back to check the page? The wiki has a built-in Watchlist functionality, in which you can "watch" pages to keep abreast of their changes within the wiki. The Watchlist is exclusive to the wiki (meaning you would need to check your watchlist for updates), but if you couple the watchlist with RSS technology built into your browser, you can receive updates through other mediums, such as email.


There are two main steps to subscribing:

  1. Adding pages to your Watchlist
  2. Subscribing to your watchlist with RSS


First, you will want to set up the pages you want to "watch" for updates.

For each page which you want to watch, click the down arrow to the right of Read | Edit | View history, and select "Watch this page".

That's all there is to that; repeat for each page in which you are interested ("unwatching" the page is done in the same way).


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a subscription technology built into most browsers that keeps track of updates made to pages which frequently change, and can then send those changes to you in a variety of outlets.

To subscribe to your watchlist page, and thus get updates whenever your watchlist is updated:

  1. Click the My watchlist link at the top
  2. In your browser, you should have an RSS button. From it, select the Subscribe to '"Special:Watchlist" Atom feed' option. If you don't know where this button is, see the Where is the RSS Button? section below.
  3. Select the way in which you want to subscribe (for instance, in Firefox, Outlook is an available choice for receiving emails)
  4. Select Subscribe Now

Where is the RSS Button?

The RSS button is in different locations based on your browser:

  • For IE8, this is an orange button over by Page, Safety, Tools, etc.
  • For Firefox, this is the Firefox button, then Bookmarks, then Subscribe to This Page
  • For Chrome, this is the RSS button (orange with a dot and 2 quarter circles) at the right of the address bar. If you don’t have this, get the RSS Subscription Extension)

If you don't see it listed above or have trouble, consult the Help of your browser.

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