PhUSE Tube Video Creation and Misc Topics

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When: 09:00, 06Apr2018
Place: GoTo Meeting
Facilitator: Jared Slain and Lauren White, filling in for Wendy Dobson
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Lauren White, Jared Slain, Hanming Tu, Mary Nilsson, Sascha Ahrweiler
Agenda: PhUSE Tube Video Creation and Misc Topics

Discussion on PhUSE Tube Video Creation with Sascha, PhUSE Communications Director

  • Best way to get a video recorded is to have PhUSE set up and record a GoTo meeting
  • PhUSE Office (Jane) can edit and upload using Final Cut Pro

Clinical Review Template

  • Currently with whitepapers team for comments, due April 30
  • Mary will coordinate incorporation of comments and hand off to FDA thereafter

Next PhUSE Tube Video

  • Might do another one on Pooling Practices before p-values, as Mary already has a slide deck

Safety Analytics eLearning

  • Lauren/Wendy to see about adding a row for CSS Deliverables Catalog to the Resources drop down on phuse.ue
  • Another goal is to have "eLearning Modules" area on with safety analysis (or premarketing clinical trials safety) as a category
  • Our eLearning needs to compliment DIA and CDISC offerings, not replace

Other Upcoming Priorities

  • Journal article
  • Next Year's Seminar at US Connect

Action Items

  • Mary: type up minutes then work on slides for next PhUSE Tube video
  • Lauren: Share notes and/or video recording of meeting with Wendy
  • Wendy: See what modifications of are possible
  • Jared: Poster for US Connect

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