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The single day event for Germany in 2013 will be chaired by Beate Hientzsch (Accovion) and Katja Glaß (Bayer Pharma AG). It will take place in Frankfurt am Main and will be held in English.


We are currently looking for a location and date and collect community feedback with regard to topics of interest. Depending on the feedback received and the overall SDEs topic we will then look for presentations.

Community Feedback

Please provide your topics of interest for the German SDE. Feel free to add areas, topics and examples or increase the number by one if it matches your interest. You can edit the wiki or tell us your interests via mail ( We will consider the feedback given till mid of February when searching for presentations. Later feedback will be considered for the German SDE next year.

No. of people voted: 1

Areas of Interest

  • Data Management (0)
  • Statistical Programming (1)
  • Statistics (0)
  • Standards Management (0)

Topics of Interest

  • CDISC – SDTM (0)
  • Data Cleaning (0)
  • Mapping (0)
  • Graphics (0)
  • SAS Programming (1)
  • CDISC – ADaM (1)
  • Define.xml / define.pdf (0)
  • Statistical Methods (0)
  • Indications (0)
  • Tables, Listings and Graphics (1)
  • Macro Systems (1)
  • New Technologies (1)
  • Newly published Standards
  • Metadata (0)
  • Software Demonstrations (0)
  • Data Warehouse (0)
  • Processes (1)
  • Validation (0)
  • Interaction with regulatory bodies (0)

Topic examples

Be aware that these examples are just wishes from some community members. Maybe presenters around those topics will be found but not for the SDE in Frankfurt. Furthermore topics have to fit to the SDE topic and the community interests.

  • JReview (or similar) in Action: Who is using this tool for what (data cleaning, study understanding, overviews, …)? What is the impact (requests to explain numbers, better data quality, reprogram graphics in SAS, …)? What is the data status behind (show clinicians draft data, …)? (1)
  • Evaluation process: How is the evaluation process done from receiving the data to provide TLGs (or others)? Use macros, graphical tools, standard programs or individual programs? Mapping to ADaM with METADATA and other support? Are there differentiations between study phases and/or therapeutic areas? Output creation in listing, DOC, PDF, RTF or other formats? (1)