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Project Title Working Group Final Deliverable Concluded
2018 DIA Poster:The Clinical Development Design (CDD) Framework-Assisting and Improving Decision-Making for Product Development Emerging Trends & Technologies [1] 2018
2017 ACT Paper: Barriers and Solutions to Smart Clinical Program Designs Emerging Trends & Technologies [2] 2017
2016 PhUSE White Paper: Introduction to the Clinical Development Design (CDD) Framework Emerging Trends & Technologies [3] 2016
Alternative Transport for the Next Generation Emerging Trends & Technologies PhUSE White Paper 2017
Application of SEND Data for Analysis Nonclinical Topics PhUSE White Paper 2015
Biomarkers Poster and white paper Investigating Endpoint Modeling - Biomarkers
Challenges of Integrating and Converting Data across Studies Optimizing the Use of Data Standards Short Version of Integration 2012
Clinical Endpoint predictivity Activities completed NICE: Nonclinical data Interconnectivity for Clinical Endpoint predictivity
Clinical Trials Data as RDF Emerging Trends and Technologies PhUSE White Paper 2019
Data Validation and Quality Assessment Optimizing the Use of Data Standards Validation Rules 2013
Development of Standard Scripts for Analysis and Programming Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Reformed the Working Group 2013
Emerging Technologies IG search tool (to add link) Emerging Technologies Collaboration
Histopathology Visualization Deliverables Visualization of Group Related Differences in Histopatholgy Data
Historical Controls Completed tasks Nonclinical Historical Controls
Industry Discussion See project page for comments accumulated Nonclinical Working Group Industry Discussion Group
Interorganizational SEND Accomplishments Interorganizational SEND
Investigating Endpoint Modeling - Biomarkers ADA data and Immunophenotyping NonClinical Topics PhUSE Reference 2017
Linked Data & Graph Databases Emerging Trends & Technologies Reformed within ET&T 2017
Nonclinical Standardization Roadmap Team Nonclinical Topics The Roadmap for Nonclinical Data Standards and Elements to Improve Data Access 2013
Pooling WHO Drug B3 Format Optimizing the Use of Data Standards PhUSE White Paper 2018
Roadmap Accomplishments Nonclinical Standardization Roadmap Team
SEND Data for Analysis Annotated examples Application of SEND Data for Analysis
Standardizing data within the Inspection Site Selection Process Optimizing the Use of Data Standards PhUSE References 2016
Standards Implementation Issues with the CDISC Data Models Optimizing the Use of Data Standards White Paper 2013
Statistical Computing Environment Emerging Trends & Technologies PhUSE White Paper 2016
Study Data Standardization Plan (SDSP) Optimizing the Use of Data Standards Regulatory Referenced 2018
Test Submission Forum See page for discussion Test Submission Forum Group
Test Submission Forum Group Nonclinical Topics Poll & Wish List 2015