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The PhUSE Android Application is developed by Katja Glaß on behalf of PhUSE. The application is available to support the conference by providing information about the presentations by day and by section as well as providing the corresponding room maps. Furthermore the Twitter functionality can be used directly to display the “#PhUSE13” messages as well as logging in and tweeting.

The application can be found in the Google Play store when searching for "phuse 2013" or by following the link.


The application provides the following major functionality:

  • Display presentations by day
  • Display presentations by section
  • Display presentation details containing abstracts
  • Display room maps
  • Display twitter messages for “PhUSE13”
  • Ability to log into twitter and tweet

This application is similar to the available iPod application, but not all functionality is currently included.

The following screenshots show a brief overview:

Phuse2013 app loadingscreen.jpg

Phuse2013 app events.jpg

Phuse2013 app papers.jpg

Phuse2013 app maps.jpg

Phuse2013 app twitter.jpg

Change Requests

The following change requests are available.

  • Search functionality
  • Personal schedule
  • Rating functionality
  • Facebook embedding
  • Do not go “back” to the login-twitter page when pressing the back button
  • Use a lighter color for presentations which are already over


The application is developed with the Android SDK and Java.
The following external libraries are used:

Application Data Storage

The application stores the complete paper and presentation information as available for the PhUSE conference. Furthermore login-tokens for the twitter account are stored, when the user logged into Twitter. The application stores the login tokens provided by “OAuth” on the device where the application is installed. OAuth is used by twitter as authentication tool. The twitter messages which are received and send are not stored, but directly read or send from and to twitter for processing. A German data privacy statement can be found here: File:Phuse2013 dataprivacystatement.txt.


If you have any feedback, please use the discussion page or mail to