PhUSE 2015 Scriptathon Agenda

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PhUSE 2015 Annual Conference Scriptathon Agenda

Standard Scripts


Candidate Tasks

  • general WG5 Project 08 conventions and guideline (e.g., display p values and summary statistics)
  • vs. display & formatting guidelines within this white paper.
  • What tests should be included for convincing "qualification"?
  • Participants could start a list of minimum test scenarios for and WPCT-F.07.01.R
  • Writing the test plan is helpful, implementation can follow.
  • Meta data review, criteria (& finalization?)
  • What meta data do we need to describe a TARGET (regardless of language used to implement)?
  • example describing 'Central Tendency' white paper target 7.1
  • This example only describes a vital signs output. Can one spec also cover LAB and ECG outputs, as well?
  • This example does not describe user options, such as whether or not to include reference lines or "jitter" annotations of outliers. Should, can this be in the TARGET spec, as well?
  • What meta data do we need to describe a SCRIPT that produces a target, whether a SAS or an R script?

  • Figure 7.2. Box Plot – Change in xxx Over Time
  • Figure 7.3. Box Plot – Observed Values and Change in xxx Over Time
  • Figure 7.5. Scatter Plot of Baseline Versus Endpoint Measurements for xxx
  • Figure 7.6
  • Figure 7.6A. Box Plot – Last Baseline and Last Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.6B. Box Plot – Minimum Baseline and Minimum Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.6C. Box Plot – Maximum Baseline and Maximum Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.7
  • Figure 7.7A. Box Plot – Change From Last Baseline to Last Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.7B. Box Plot – Change From Minimum Baseline to Minimum Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.7C. Box Plot – Change From Maximum Baseline to Maximum Postbaseline Measures
  • Figure 7.8. Box Plot – Last/Minimum/Maximum Baseline and Last/Minimum/Maximum Postbaseline Measures and Change from Last/Minimum/Maximum Baseline to Last/Minimum/Maximum Postbaseline Measures

  • SAS
  • Better SAS box plot approach - draft a modern but straightforward ODS/SGPLOT/GTL approach to replace our current obscure SAS/QC PROC SHEWHART approach
  • Test suitability of current approach of template programs that use a custom macro library. See to get started, suggest changes & improvements
  • Write new scripts from to create Figure 7.1 from LAB and ECG test data. What changes does this require to the template script?
  • Enthusiastic testers can dive in and test any components in the SAS macro library that we've written to support

  • R

PhUSEWiki Maintenance

  • Update CSS (cascading style sheet ).
  • Categorize Wikis based on list of Wikis that currently do not belong into a category (Uncategorized Pages).
  • Clean up Wikis, which are not linked (Orphan pages).
  • Clean up files, which are not linked (Unused Files).
  • Remove dummy/inactive users.
  • Create training material.