PhUSE 2015 Scriptathon Agenda

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PhUSE 2015 Annual Conference Scriptathon Agenda


Candidate Tasks

  • New SAS and R scripts, based on templates and WPCT-F.07.01.R for remaining Central Tendency targets:
    • Figure 7.2. Box Plot – Change in xxx Over Time
    • Figure 7.3. Box Plot – Observed Values and Change in xxx Over Time
    • Figure 7.5. Scatter Plot of Baseline Versus Endpoint Measurements for xxx
    • Figure 7.6
      • Figure 7.6A. Box Plot – Last Baseline and Last Postbaseline Measures
      • Figure 7.6B. Box Plot – Minimum Baseline and Minimum Postbaseline Measures
      • Figure 7.6C. Box Plot – Maximum Baseline and Maximum Postbaseline Measures
    • Figure 7.7
      • Figure 7.7A. Box Plot – Change From Last Baseline to Last Postbaseline Measures
      • Figure 7.7B. Box Plot – Change From Minimum Baseline to Minimum Postbaseline Measures
      • Figure 7.7C. Box Plot – Change From Maximum Baseline to Maximum Postbaseline Measures
    • Figure 7.8. Box Plot – Last/Minimum/Maximum Baseline and Last/Minimum/Maximum Postbaseline Measures and Change from Last/Minimum/Maximum Baseline to Last/Minimum/Maximum Postbaseline Measures

  • SAS
    • Better SAS box plot approach - draft a modern but straightforward ODS/SGPLOT/GTL approach to replace our current obscure [SAS/QC PROC SHEWHART approach]
    • Test suitability of current approach of template programs that use a custom macro library. See to get started, suggest changes & improvements
    • Write new scripts from to create Figure 7.1 from LAB and ECG test data. What changes does this require to the template script?