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The Copyright section is slightly confusing as it can be taken to mean that a contributor cannot contribute something for which they hold the copyright- (I.E only material in the public domain can be contributed. ) Presumably this is not the case and I have added a section above to work towards clarifying this. This section mentions CC-by-sa. Although we have not agreed to use this specifically, I hope that it hits the spirit of what is intended. --Mfoxwell 09:18, 1 December 2011 (CST)

A few questions on this section

  1. This page is a copy of the main T&C for the PhUSE web site, but should it be? I think that if the PhUSE web site remains open to unsolicited contributions (by the blog, forum or wiki) then similar terms and conditions are needed for each. If however the wiki becomes the only forum for this kind of contribution then this page may not be needed on the PhUSE web site and it is certainly likely that the terms and conditions for the wiki will change in future as the requirements differ from those of the main web site.

Sections required

  • Description of Service- What is the wiki and what does it provide or not provide
  • Right to make changes to T&C in future and users acceptance of that fact
  • Membership and security
  • Privacy Policy
  • Board members
  • Content - Pharma software related, no viruses, recruiting, marketing etc.
  • Licence - Copyright.
  • Disclaimer
  • Indemnity
  • Termination of service
** We reserve the right- need to be clear who we is
  • Copyright complaints
  • Governing law and jurisdiction
  • Trademarks
  • Reporting violations
  • Contact information


  • Contribute by CC-BY-SA unless you say otherwise
    • Benefits - Contributors benefit as it is clear that they retain copyright
 Users benefit as it is clear how they can reuse material on the site without risk 
      • Practicalities
 In reality - small pieces of code can be reused and are not likely to be copyrightable anyway..
Larger articles, blogs  etc should be cited and so cc-by-sa does not put a great burden on anyone. 

Users that want to retain more control can do so, but if they really don't want something to be copied and publically available, they are unlikely to do so even if the site licensing is organised in a more restrictive way as it is not clear that it could be easily enforced.