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Archive of Past Years' CSS Meetings


File:FDA PhUSE WG6 Needs Challenges 2012CSS.xlsx
CSS 2012 WG6 WhitePaper
WG6 30Mar2012


File:PhUSE WG6 NonClinical Update Mar 2013 final.pdf
Nonclinical Working Group Minutes 20Dec2013


Highlights and Outcomes of the CSS2014 Nonclinical WG breakouts
all presentations or posters from CSS2014


Running from March 15-17, the Nonclinical Working Group had a very productive meeting with over 60 participants. After review of the previous year's projects, new project candidates were assessed and selections made for the coming year:

  • Visualization of Group Related Differences in Histopathology Data
  • Application of SEND data for Analysis
  • Investigating Endpoint Modeling: Biomarker, ADA, Immunophenotyping

Agendas of the Meeting:
Click here for the Symposium Agenda
Click here for the 2015 CSS Nonclinical Working Group Breakout Agenda


File:CSS 2016 Agenda - NC - 20160218.xls
File:Detailed Breakout Plan 2016.docx


Project Updates


Project Updates