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Welcome to the Phuse135.jpg-Wiki

A place to Share, Contribute and Advance

PhUSE provides the industry with the premier platform for creating and sharing ideas, tools, and standards around data, statistical and reporting technologies; PhUSE is a Non-Profit, volunteer run, community of professionals who are passionate about advancement of clinical information.

The PhUSE Wiki provides a collaboration platform to encourage worldwide interaction. The PhUSE Wiki is available for members and non-members to read, share and research. This web site has a wide variety of information and resources available for the public and members to view. Registered users and members can make contributions to the Wiki's and submit code samples. We welcome all comments and contributions.

Follow the other 6,858 users and start to Share - Contribute - Advance by creating a User account.

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What's on?

FDA/PhUSE Annual Computational Science Symposium, Washington (March 19-20, 2012)


Visit the PhUSE website for more details!

PhUSE annual Conference Budapest (October 14th - 17th, 2012)


From attending to collaborating…next year, we have decided to go for a conference concept rather than a formal theme. The conference will continue to address relevant topics for pharmaceutical software users and this year, we want to promote new ways of sharing knowledge and interact in those face-to-face meetings. This vision started back in Basel 2009 when the Discussion Clubs were introduced and the feedback we received since then encouraged us to continue on this path.

Visit the PhUSE website for more details!

Getting started

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