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The PHUSE Wiki is an PHUSE/FDA/Industry collaboration to provide a medium to share information specifically relating to clinical trial informatics.

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Working Groups News

The Computational Science Symposium 2020 Summary and Prize Winners Blog
Back in September, the virtual PHUSE/FDA Computational Science Symposium took place, celebrating its 9th year. Click here to read a summary of the successful event, which includes an overview of the sessions and the all important prize winners.  

Final Published Deliverables

The CDISC Implementation Primer project has put together a series of short, animated videos as well as helpful links to introduce newcomers to the suite of CDISC Standards. Click here to explore the standards. 

The KPIs & Metrics project has developed upon its year 1 report which developed and published a set of Statistical Programming KPIs to measure the quality and duration of standard operational tasks. The Year 2 part of the project continued this work, concentrating efforts in two major areas: revision and additions to the terminology and definitions, and revising, re-running, and reporting the industry survey. Click here to view the Year 2 report.

Since non-interventional study data do not necessarily need to be submitted to a regulatory agency, such as the FDA, there is no strict requirement for data standards.The Data Standards for Non-interventional Studies project has developed a White Paper which looks to identify the most common data standards challenges programmers experience while working on non-interventional studies and to suggest the means to deal with these challenges. Click here to read the paper. 

The Optimising the Use of Data Standards – Industry Experiences Submitting Standardised Study Data to Regulatory Authorities Project has published a White Paper. The paper aims to share submission experiences and develop best practices including submission strategy and planning, regulatory requirements, and interactions with the regulators.

PHUSE convened a group of experts from across industry to address the particular challenges Clinical Data Scientists may face in their work. This group has published a White Paper which offers perspectives from industry experts on what Clinical Data Scientists can expect in studies in COVID-19 and strategies to address some of the challenges they may encounter. This group has also published a series of blogs providing timely advice as well as an additional White Paper that considers the impacts of COVID-19 on the collection and analysis of clinical trial data.

The SDTM ADaM Implementation FAQ project has published responses to questions submitted on Data Submissions.

Deliverables out for Public Comment
PHUSE Working Groups Projects are soliciting feedback from the broader community on a wide range of deliverables. Click here to review the documents and provide your feedback.

Industry News

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PHUSE Collaborations

Here's the link to the latest version of the Technical Conformance Guide (TCG) which was updated by the FDA March 2020

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