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Welcome to the PHUSE Wiki

The PHUSE Wiki is an PHUSE/FDA/Industry collaboration to provide a medium to share information specifically relating to clinical trial informatics.

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Currently 6,861 users are helping to Connect, Share, Advance clinical informatics.

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Working Groups News

We are currently seeking a volunteer to serve as a Co-Lead of the PHUSE Educating for the Future Working Group to work alongside James McDermott. Working Group Co-Leads are critical in providing leadership to the Working Group, supporting the delivery of the active projects and in contributing to the wider efforts of the PHUSE Working Groups. Within the Educating for the Future Working Group, we currently have three projects: an overview of each of these can be found here, together with expected deliverables and timelines.

Additionally, to perform this role successfully, you will need to be able to commit to attending the monthly Steering Committee meetings and supporting its activities, as well as help contribute to the running of the Computational Science Symposium, which takes place in June in Silver Spring, Maryland, US. Those who are or have previously actively contributed to a PHUSE project are particularly encouraged to apply.

We ask that all applicants interested in this role provide a brief summary of how you feel you can contribute to driving this Working Group forward. (We suggest about 200 words.)

If you would like a more in-depth overview, please contact, in the first instance, James McDermott (, our Working Group Co-Lead for Educating for the Future.

All applications are to be submitted to Closing date for applications is Wednesday 20th November.

Deliverable out for Public Comment

Best Practices for Quality Control & Validation: Closing date, 22nd November

PHUSE Webinars - Upcoming events and past presentations & recordings

NEWThe SEND Dataset QC Best Practices project is looking to develop recommendations for stakeholders for efficient and effective SEND QC practices. In order to explore the variety of QC procedures and tools among different stakeholders the team are asking members to participate in this short survey. This survey will close by the end of November. 

New The PHUSE Key Performance Indicators & Metrics Project has established a set of common data reporting metrics which are more detailed than industry-wide metrics, therefore allowing a greater level of granularity in our project reporting, and business process management.

These metrics and their definitions are issued annually as a survey to life sciences industry companies in order to collect their information. The Year 2 survey is now being distributed to collate information from 20+ companies. Should you wish your company to participate, contact

New The Communications, Promotion & Education Project under the remit of the Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Working Group, have created a Code Repository front end on our PHUSE Education page. The vision is to establish and maintain a collaboration platform for leveraging crowd-sourcing to improve the content and implementation of analyses for medical research. Beyond providing important educational material and usage context for the Code Repository, the front end also highlights specific code and data packages for download that are mentioned in PHUSE final deliverables.

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Here's the link to the latest version of the Technical Conformance Guide (TCG) which has been updated by the FDA October 2019

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