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In attendenance

  • Mike Stackhouse
  • Frank Menius
  • Eli Miller
  • Mike Rimler
  • Gayathri Kolandaivelu
  • Rob Butler
  • <Other Gilead representative>


  • Walked through review of PhUSE Working Group Proposal and incorporated team feedback. Plan is for a last grammer check and then to submit proposal to PhUSE
  • Examined what first deliverables of the working group could be:
    • Wiki filled with relevant information for people who want to get started with these languages/technologies
      • Use cases
      • Style guides
      • Best practices
      • Links to information on package management and validation, etc.
    • Pilot projects ranging in scale
      • Basic examples of how Python can be applied easily (i.e. renaming groups of files)
      • Simple R markdown or Shiny dashboards based on some open source data
      • Outline all of this within perspective of the data lifecycle
    • This information could the be presented at Connect 2020 as a poster or presentation


  • Team to review and provide any final comments on Project Proposal
  • Gayathri to outline the data lifecycle
  • Start gathering information that could be outlined in the PhUSE Wiki

The PhUSE Working group proposal can be found here.