October 3rd 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Bharath, Mike, Joan, Eric, Sharon, Lauren, Arlene, Sri, Paul

Apologies: Dutta, Jasmine, Zac, Mitch, Ingeborg


  • Elena Rantou of FDA is joining the Data Visualization Workgroup. Her name will be listed with all three Working Groups; she will initially participate with Groups 1 and 3. Thanks to Paul Schuette for recruiting Elena.
  • Trisha Simpson, Head of the FHIR PhUSE Working Group, will make a presentation at our November 28 meeting on the goals and priorities of FHIR.

Group 2 and 3 to keep a close eye on this

  • We are scheduling speakers to discuss the features of a graphical safety visualizations package, safetyexploreR , an R safety package being developed by Rho. In addition, we will reach out to Richard Zink, Marc Buyse and Ruthi Davi as guest speakers.
  • Frank Harold noticed there is a SafeyexploreR software package that has been developed by Rowe we are going to ask them to make a presentation and see how it fits in and give us a spring board of ideas
  • People to reach out to give a presentation at the Data Visualisation meetings

Paul- ASA Biofarm there was someone from Novartis who displayed an internal application with Shiny ask if they will be willing to share this information

Updates by our three groups:
Group 1
Group 2 - Cancelled the Oct 12 meeting due to the PhUSE conference in Europe and note that the meeting minutes from last week's meeting have been posted to our site.
Group 3

Paul- To send contact details for member from Novartis for the team to reach out to AOB:
Sri - Will be attending the Conference in Edinburgh