OCI Meeting Minutes 20/10/17

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OCI Presentation

  • OCI been in busy for 25 years Global software firm
  • Specialise in open source software
  • Our services are S
  • software engineering, Distributed computing, Industrial Internet
  • Can help with assessments and proof of concept


  • RIPE IO Blockchain start up specialise in building the BlockChain in food
  • DOS High performance Blockchain project EOS.IO working with them team of 7 working on the core development
  • Chris- Identifying use cases in pharma that match with the unique properties that Blockchain offers
  • What qualities might we be looking for?
  • Steven – Proof of concept being focused around areas distributed or inputs where trust may not be expressed

How do you manage the input of fraudulent data?

  • CRO temperature machine is collecting the data directly puts the information into the Blockchain
  • Voice activated input

How can we compete with existing processes how is Blockchain better?

  • Chris – Some interest in wearables to capture data to input into a Blockchain
  • Use case for an airport who wanted to use Blockchain for access control
  • This use cases was looking at integrating Blockchain into their badging system