November CPE Meeting

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When: 09:00 EST, 22Nov2017
Place: Webinar
Facilitator: Jared Slain/Wendy Dobson
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Jared Slain, Wendy Dobson, Susan Duke
Absent: Mary Nilsson, Mat Soukup, Hanming Tu
Agenda: Potpourri of Items

Major Accomplishment

Video on Study-size adjusted percentages posted to PhUSETube (YouTube channel) on November 2. Way to go team!

Introduction and Welcome to Susan

Susan brings with her a wealth of industry experience and connections. Of special importance to this project's plans, she is a member of the ASA Biopharm Safety Graphics Working Group and has spent many years thinking about change management and the implementation of new ideas with regards to Drug Safety Evaluation. Welcome Susan!

Project Wiki Page

This fall, Wendy has taken the lead on keeping the wiki page up to date. Not only does the CPE page have many more opportunities for presentation than it did at the end of summer, but she has also made a separate page for the Working Group's Deliverables and Key Links. Having these items on their own page reduces clutter on the main page while keeping our most notable achievements together and easy to find.

General Discussion

Much of the call was spent catching up Susan on the ideas for Something Big that were generated over the summer and discussing her take on them as well as possible areas for PhUSE/ASA Biopharm collaboration. Items of particular note in this discussion are as follows:

  1. Is there a particular reason that the White Papers project publishes only white papers and not journal articles? Could one or more of the whitepapers be turned into submissions to journals, which could help publicize the rest of the Working Group's work as well as lend more credibility to the whitepaper's suggestions? DIA's Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS) peer-reviewed journal was one suggestion for a good place for submission.
  2. Susan complemented the PhUSE Wiki, in general, is a shining example of good work. It was nice to get that feedback from someone new to PhUSE but well-experienced in the industry. Keeping the wiki up to date and making the most important information easy to find and well displayed needs to be a high priority for this team.
  3. It would be nice if we could get another "Quick Win" before CSS, possibly another PhUSETube Video on how to define "After Dose". To accomplish this win, we would need a script, slides, and presenter ASAP. First step, talk to Mary.
  4. Susan's work with ASA Biopharm parallels some of the goals of different projects within our Working Group, and there are probably even other groups out there that we don't know about doing the same things. How can we harness that potential and coordinate efforts so that we don't cancel each other out?

Individual Action Items

  1. Jared - Abstract for US PhUSE Connect; Talk to Mary about After Dose video and submitting to DIA Journal
  2. Wendy - Keep up the good work on the wiki

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