November 9, 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Mike, Ingeborg, Eric, Lauren

Apologies: Karnika, Jasmine, Rebeka


  • Review of Action items (see table below)
  • Next steps, as needed:
  • Communication plan, timeline, deliverable goals

intermediate steps?

  • Goal is to have a white paper delivered by the March 2018 Phuse Meeting

Create a Timeline-

  • Start writing in January

Action Items

  • Mike made additional request for participation from FDA will follow up next week
  • Pass Present and future of patient narratives and send these out for review
  • FHIR Project leas (PhUSE) will be presenting on the 28th
  • Eric to send the definition list (with Rebekas comments) to the team
  • Ingeborg to post Definition list from Eric and Rebeka and FDA analysis to Teamwork for the team to review