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Standards Roadmap Tcon
May 7, 2013
Attendance: Gitte , Bob, Lynda, Donna, Anisa

Action Item Wrap-up:
Anisa created draft of Prioritization effort and created document for pre vious meeting minutes. Bob collated all sections of e-Paper into a most recent version and distributed to group.

A.I. Lynda and Debra will work together on the “Points to Consider” section.

e-Paper editing
-What is the best way to edit and finalize sections?
-Our experience from other working groups was shared, including:
- Donna offered that Word “comments” function can be used by all to edit a section. One person is tasked with compiling all comments and then the group gets consensus about a section by going through the comments on a Tcon
-Gitte offered that each section can have a point-person, and that one person should keep a view on consistency throughout the document.
-Bob offered that in another WG, the group would focus on one or two sections per Tcon to make it easy to focus the groups effort.

- A compilation of these approaches will be used:
- Each section has a point person to build it and oversee the changes from other members. People who make edits to any section, should do so using Tracked changes and Comments. The group will focus on one or two sections of the e-Paper in the upcoming Tcons for consensus and finality.

Putting “data gaps” aside as a topic and subject of the e-paper

The group discussed that the paper should stay a manageable, readable size.
- The current topic, “identifying data gaps and information gaps” has perceived value to the group, but it was mentioned that this topic may go beyond the scope of the paper.

-to prevent going down the rabbit hole, we decided to put “data gaps” aside as a topic and no longer consider it as a subject in the paper.

- One topic that has not been developed in the paper is “How to move forward with standards” The group will develop this section as a final section of the e-paper.

Gitte shared some thinking on this section. Established ontologies should be leveraged for standards, and it was acknowledged that the SEND CT team is working with INHAND. Additional resources must be leveraged for future standards, and more of this will be developed in this section of the epaper.

- A.I. Gitte will populate it with her ideas over the next two weeks.

-A.I. Bob will go through the paper as a whole document this week and make adjustments for clarity and consistency (via tracked changes)

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