NICE Minutes 2014-4-29b

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When: 29 April 2014
Place: Teleconference/Webinar
Facilitator: Stephanie Berry (Instem)
Scribe: Alan Brown
Attendance: A Brown, S Berry, Brian McClintock (Instem), P Brown, C Rivera-Lopez, J Kasturi

  1. Demonstration of the Safety Intelligence Program (SIP)

Activity and Discussion

Instem's SIP is a software tool that accesses diverse public databases (>10 key databases, including PubMED, NTP, FDA AERS, FDA approved-NDA data, etc.) to collect human and nonclinical safety data for drugs (mostly small molecules, some biologics) and chemicals. Data can be searched by drug class, mech of action, chemical structure, pathology, adverse event, physiologic process, compound information, etc. Tabular and graphical displays of collated data can be generated. Comparisons across species for toxicities can be done. Novel chemical structures can be entered and database searched for related molecules. A demonstration of the software tool was performed for statins. Client searches are not stored as searches are anonymous and protected.

Follow up

S Berry: Provide 1-month trial access to SIP for evaluation; this was done on same day
NICE members: Evaluate SIP during trial period, reconvene with Instem to provide feedback in approx 1 month

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