NICE Minutes 2013-12-11

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When: 09:00AM , 11Dec2013
Place: Webconference/Teleconference
Facilitator: Alan Brown
Scribe: Paul Cornwell
Attendance: A. Brown, P. Brown, Khan-Malek, Cornwell, Reed

  1. Reminder regarding: FDA PhUSE Computational Sciences annual meeting, March 16-18, 2014, Silver Spring Convention Center, Silver Spring, Maryland USA
  2. CSS 2014 registration is now open (
  3. Discussion with main Nonclinical Working Group regarding specific goals for NICE work stream. What can we deliver for the 2014 annual meeting ?
  4. eTOX initiative in Europe. Is this a group we should attempt a collaboration? (see IMI eTOX entry in Present or Historical Efforts Related to Clinical Endpoint Predictivity)
  5. Correlating human central nervous system effects with CNS/behavioral nonclinical data as a test case for data integration and endpoint predictivity

General discussion

Work with eTOX Initiative to see if we can work with them on CNS effects.
Make sure this links to PhUSE/SEND goals
Try to use AERS db for clinical side of data

Follow up

A. Brown: Contact eTOX, Look at data that Novartis collects around CNS effects
Reed: Look at Instem's database that standardizes some of the AERS data
A. Brown and Reed: Meet in January to discuss results of research above
Cornwell: Add team list to NICE wiki

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