Modeling Endpoints: How to Model Anti-Drug Antibody Data in Nonclinical Studies

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Welcome to the site for the "Investigating Endpoint Modeling - How to Model Anti-Drug Antibody Data in Nonclinical Studies" project group.

This page describes high-level project management details on the group, including purpose, milestones, attendees, and so on. We are part of the FDA/PhUSE Computational Sciences Nonclinical Working Group. Learn more about the larger working group at Non-Clinical Road-map and Impacts on Implementation.

Working Group Overview

Identified Need/Challenge

Project Scope





  • Determine endpoints
  • Call for Participants
  • Maintain wiki (ongoing)
  • Research CDISC ADA


Participation Needs

Call For Participants for Nonclinical Topics Working Group “Modeling Endpoints: How to Model Anti-Drug Antibody Data in Nonclinical Studies” Project The team was established at the PhUSE CSS March 2017. What is the Goal/Focus? To provide recommendations for modeling Anti-Drug Antibody utilizing SENDIG V3.0 and SENDIG V3.1 Domains and variables. Create a landscape of possible solutions and provide recommendations. Consider appropriateness for visualization for ADA at a high level. This will included investigating what clinical is doing and/or recommending and how this can be harmonized into SEND datasets.

Who are we looking for to participate? SEND Core, Preclinical CROs/Bioanalytical labs, Industry (Pharma and biotechnology for preclinical), SEND software vendors, and SEND service vendors.

Call for participation! What is the commitment?  Time (minimum of 1 hour every two weeks for team meetings, up to 3 hours / month)  Expected to contribute, not just be a spectator  Contribution of viewpoints and content  Wiki - creating/reviewing page content If you would like to participate, please contact the co-leads for this group: Mike Wasko (, Gretchen Dean ( and/or Thomas Gade Bjerregaard (

Work Group Participants


  • Mike Wasko, PDS
  • Gretchen Dean, Pfizer
  • Thomas Gade Bjerregaard


Conference Calls and Minutes

Investigating Endpoint Modeling - ADA Minutes

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