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= Project Deliverables =
= Project Deliverables =
| 11 June 2014  || [[media:Emerging_Technologies_project_prioritization.pptx|Metadata definition Final Document]]
| 11 June 2014  || [[file:ET-project-Metadata definitions-V1-2014-06-06.pdf|Metadata definition Final Document]]
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Project Overview

In the FDA/PhUSE Annual Computational Science Symposium of March 2013 in Washington DC, the Emerging Technology working group was launched with two main areas of focus as a start: metadata management and Semantic Technology. The metadata management stream is looking for volunteers who will hopefully participate on these two closely-aligned projects:

  1. Develop Common Definitions
  2. Practical Metadata Management Implementation Guide

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Isabelle deZegher Industry Co-Lead Paraxel Isabelle.deZegher@parexel.com
Mitra Rocca FDA Co-Lead FDA mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov
Marcelina Hungria Industry Co-Lead DIcore Group, LLC mhungria@dicoregroup.com

Projects Overview

Metadata Definition Project
User Guide for E2E meta data management Project

Objectives and Timelines

Objective Timeline
Metadata Definition May 2013 - May 2014
User guide for E2E metadata management September 2014 - March 2015

Project Deliverables

|- | 11 June 2014 || File:ET-project-Metadata definitions-V1-2014-06-06.pdf

Workgroup Kick-Off Presentation

Date Presentations
18 March 2013 EmergingTechnologies-Metadata Management Prioritization Presentation

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