Meeting 2013-5-30

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PhUSE TA wiki – Meeting 2013-5-30


  • Elke Klein
  • Linda Danielson
  • Angelo Tinazzi
  • Sascha Ahrweiler
  • Oliver Wirtz
  • Christian Mueller (minutes)

Agenda Topics

  1. Recent progress and contributions
  2. Working TCs- would this help and how could we acchieve this
  3. Topics from contributors

Recent progress and contributions

The number of active contributors has been less than expected. It is well understood that any contribution is based voluntarily. The goal is to provide an environment that helps to ease contribution and stimulates a enjoyable environment for collaboration.

The following ides will be followed up further to achieve this.

  • From the papers submitted for the PhUSE conference some address topic that fit well the Wiki - Action: Sasha to contact the authors of the papers and suggest that they contribute to the Wiki.
  • In order to increase the contribution the meeting calls will be scheduled every other week. Meetings over lunchtime have been proposed to get the best attendance. Meetings will focus on specific topics on the TA Wiki, brought up by authors and reviewers. -> action Christian to schedule meetings and provide context

Topics from contributors

Collaboration between authors and reviewers When does a Reviewer know when the Authors work is ready?

The best way if reviewer and author get in touch and discuss the the way they prefer, any changes made are capture in the track history. Still, it is best to touch base to know when the best time point for review is, and how feedback is best provided

How should Reviewers make changes?

Best follow the steps above

What information shall and can be provided

If information is tightly linked to publish information this is obvious. The corresponding referencce has to be cited. If the authors for information are based on company internal information and likely a collaboration of mutliple people the situation is more challenging. A good reference can be, all information that is published there is available to the public and as such is not subject to proprietary regulation.