Meeeting Minutes 2013-4-25

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Meeting Minutes 2013-4-25


Hinal Patel, Oliver Wirtz, Irmgard Hollweck, Stephen Harrison, Brent Burger, Linda Danielson, Christian Mueller (lead, minutes)


  • What has been achieved so far
  • What are challenges and how we could overcome those?
  • What would help you to contribute?
  • Additional logistics

What has been achieved so far

Upon initaly efforst by a few not much has been changing ar bein added anymore.

An important point is that people feel uncertain how to procceed when reviewing or adding information to existing one -> goal is to define some ground rules on how to do this (see [to Ground Rules ]. These ground rules are work in progress and als subbject to contributions

What are challenges and how we could overcome those?

Some of the challenges would likely be addressed by the collaboration ground rules. Ana dditional challenge certainly which informtation are we allowed to upload from the companies we are working for. No specific general directive can be provided as the contex in which we are working are different. A better was is to share examples of how certain situations are being handeled. Thi si provides each contirbutor usefull information to use for their specific case. Another topics in this context is referenceing. If information is tightly linked to publish information this is obvious. The corresponding referencce has to be cited. If the authors for information are based on company internal information and likely a collaboration of mutliple people the situation is more difficult. -> the following is a post meeting note of the minutes taker. First the agreement to use the information accordingly is needed, then an option is to cite in the form of a "personal communication" - an acceptable format and naimg the main contributors.

What would help you to contribute?

In particular the the RA more contributors and reviewers are needed - make advertisement viw PhUSE mail shots and PhUSE presentation at SDE. Christian to liase with PhUSE office and Sasha when presenting the Brussels conference at SDE in EU

Additional logistics

Christian Mueller to plan for monthly TCs with potentially higher frequency prior to the PhUSE after the summer break
At the PhUSE in Brussels the TA Wicki will be taken up in a dicussion club- the goal is to discuss on content but also around the collaboration process.