May 2nd, 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Eric, Mellisa, Bharath, Heather, Paul, Hari, Sameer

Apologies: Roxane


  • Welcome new member Sameer Thapa
    • Global Pharmacovigilance Director at Oracle
    • 20 years experience in pharma
    • SNE function for the health a life sciences
    • Will be presenting at US Connect
  • Review invitation email
    • Heather has been working on the email invitation to the speaker list
    • Heather and Mellisa to work on the background section of invitation
    • Potential clashes with other conferences
    • September 12th Biopharm Conflict
    • September 25th
    • July 25th JMS
  • Background - Use the slide deck from the standards meeting for the summary part
  • LW to send the invitations out
  • Final will be sent out to the team for review
  • Meetings to be sent out to the Data Visualisation team
  • Meetings to be set up within GotoMeeting - keep an eye out as this has a limit of 51 attendees
    • Potentially move over to webinar if need be
  • Update on Graphical Perception presentation from Susan - Mellisa?
  • Willing to be part of the speakers list with her graphical perception talk
    • Add Susan into the email invitation


  • Next meeting talk through the template for speaker feedback