May 20 2012 meeting

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When:12:00 PM US Eastern time
Place: WebEx
Facilitator: Hany & Max

• Overview of WG1 goals and objectives
• Summary from CSS conference
• Current Projects
o Guidelines for Rule Developers
o Charter for Change Management Process
o Evaluate top 20 CBER validation rule issues
• Logistics
• Open Discussion

For logistics, we would like to propose the following idea to maximize the WG productivity:

• The working group will meet as a single team on a monthly basis (teleconference)
• The working group will be encouraged to use the wiki as the primary communication medium (less reliance on meetings)
• The subgroups will go away and be replaced by projects
• The working group will identify a number of projects to pursue (we already have 3)
• Each project should be small enough to be completed in 3-6 months
• Working group members will be asked to volunteer on any number of projects with 1 person assigned as a lead
• Projects teams should be kept small (up to 7 people), so not everyone is required to be on a project. Those who are just observers can participate during the monthly teleconferences and on the wiki
• Project teams will be responsible to manage their own logistics, but will be required to frequently update the wiki
• Project teams will report back to the WG during the monthly telecons allowing everyone to participate in an open discussion

General discussion

Please use the Discussion Tab.

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