March 15, 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Ingeborg, Karnika, Roxane, Eric

Apologies: Mellisa, Mike


  • Review of CSS Discussions
    • Poster session went well
    • Had questions about future plans and White Paper
  • Rebeka stepping down from leading alongside Ingeborg any interest in taking over the role?
    • Eric Herbel to take over from Rebeka
  • Next steps to completing the White Paper
    • EU Connect Conference
    • Call for Papers Closes 30th April
    • Increase the scope of the White paper
    • Distributing the White Paper at the EU Connect
    • Insert images to the Paper
    • What are the elements we want to include in the White Paper
    • Do we want to include SAS?
    • Topic for the White paper will be showing the images on the narratives/summary information and drilling down into those features
    • The next paper would focus on what tools people would like to see


  • New Meetings to be set up for the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at the same time 2pm (GMT)
  • Data Transparency Working Group is working on Narratives - Do we want to look into how we share data?


  • Ingeborg to put together outline of White paper and the images that we would want to include for the next meeting on the 5th April
  • Eric to gather screen shots from Jreview in specific areas of topics of example patient narratives