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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning: These are the new buzzwords we see all over. For PhUSE 2018 we plan a new machine learning stream to explore the new capabilities and possibilities in our area.

Machine Learning Stream

What is it about artificial intelligence and all this machine learning? Do we need this in our business? This is too far in the future! Or is our industry in danger of losing the heads-up? In 2018 we plan a machine learning stream! This will be a major future topic and the earlier we become familiar with this, the better we can benefit from the new approaches! Let’s cover the major questions about machine learning and how we can apply these in our companies!

  • What is machine learning?
  • What is the difference between machine learning and statistical tests and what do they have in common?
  • "Unpredictable outcome" - How to negotiate with the authorities?
  • First experiences with machine learning


  • Would you like to teach us about machine learning or share your experiences?
  • Are there more questions you would like to see answered?
  • Or don't you like this topic at all as it is just too much fiction?

Please drop a message ( or add your opinions and ideas to the wiki!

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