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! Name !! Role !! Organization!! E-mail
| Name || Role || Organization|| E-mail
|Mitra Rocca|| FDA Co-Lead || FDA || mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov
|Mitra Rocca|| FDA Co-Lead || FDA || mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov

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Working Group Overview

Investigate how linked data, semantic standards, property graphs and graph analytics can support the clinical and non-clinical trial data life cycle from protocol to submission.

Leadership Team

Name Role Organization E-mail
Mitra Rocca FDA Co-Lead FDA mitra.rocca@fda.hhs.gov
Geoff Low Industry Co-Lead Medidata glow@medidata.com
Scott Bahlavooni Project Manager d-Wise scott.bahlavooni@phuse.eu
Tim Williams Industry Co-Lead UCB tim.williams@ucb.com

Current Projects

If you have an interest in participating in these projects, please contact the project co-lead indicated on the project's PhUSE Wiki page.

Completed Projects

PhUSE/CSS 2017 Agenda

LDGDAgenda-CSS2017-SUN.png LDGDAgenda-CSS2017-MON.png LDGDAgenda-CSS2017-TUE.png