Legacy Data Conversion Plan Meeting Minutes 7 October 2014

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  • Review template Appendix III
  • Discuss connection to Study Data Standardization Plan
  • Next Steps


  • Kristin Kelly
  • Jingyee Kou
  • Jane Lozano
  • Sandra Minjoe
  • D'dra Octaviano
  • Mario Salas

Meeting Discussion

  • The team reviewed Appendix III (Conversion Metadata) with Jingyee. She indicated that this would be valuable information to a reviewer. This information would be better suited for a spreadsheet since this would need to be done for every study that was converted. However, the team wasn't sure if there is a way to convert a spreadsheet to PDF. There is also the 'Binder' function in Word. D'dra has used this before.
  • The team agreed that this document should NOT be a part of the Study Data Standardization Plan. It should be its own document. Feedback should be given now as opposed to waiting for the Study Data Standardization Plan to be ready for review. However, there can be a reference in the Study Data Standardization Plan to this document when conversions are planned and completed.
  • The next step is for the team to review the document and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting. It is the expectation that after the next meeting, the document will be sent to the other co-leads (Paul, Tanja, Natalie) Sandra and Jingyee are co-leads but also a part of this team.
  • The next meeting was scheduled for 21 October. However, Jane will be out of the office. Our next meeting will be on 29 October from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (EST).

Action Items

  • [D'dra] Look for an example of the Binder function in Word and send to team. POST-MEETING NOTE: This product appears to be discontinued based on a link that Mario sent to Jane.
  • [Jane] Research the Binder function in Word.
  • [Mario] Reach out to his regulatory group regarding a way to convert a spreadsheet into a PDF.
  • [Jane] Put the 'DRAFT' watermark on the template before posting to the Wiki.
  • [Jane] Notify the team that the document is ready for their review.