Legacy Data Conversion Plan Meeting Minutes 29 July 2014

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  • Continue to review template


  • Kristin Kelly
  • Jane Lozano
  • Sandra Minjoe
  • D'dra Octaviano

Meeting Discussion

  • The team continued to review the template starting with Section 2. We discussed the change to the spreadsheet that Claudia sent to Jane, which was adding information to cross-reference domains and trials.
  • Jingyee is needed in order to complete the sections. Jane will contact Jingyee to ask about her availability at the next meeting.
  • Once the template is created, completion guidelines will be created along with an example document. Sandra volunteered to work on the completion guidelines.
  • Section Assignment:
  • 2 (Legacy Data Summary) - Kristin and Jerry
  • 3 (Converted Data Summary) - Mario and Claudia
  • 4 (Conversion Results) - Sandra, Erica, and D'dra

Action Items

  • [Mario and Claudia] Create tables from the spreadsheet and put in the document. Also, take out of the document what is in the tables.
  • [Jane] Contact Jingyee to ensure she is available at the next meeting. If not, determine when she can meet with the group.