Legacy Data Conversion Plan Meeting Minutes 26 August 2014

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  • Continue to review template


  • Erica Davis
  • Kristin Kelly
  • Jingyee Kou
  • Jane Lozano
  • Sandra Minjoe
  • D'dra Octaviano
  • Jerry Salyers

Meeting Discussion

  • The team continued to review the template and the spreadsheet Claudia created. The data in the spreadsheet will be incorporated into the plan as 2 appendices.
  • There was a discussion regarding submitting raw data and the traceability of the raw data to the converted data. D'dra has an example of a matrix that could be used as a starting point. She will send it to Jane.
  • The meeting starting time will be changed from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (EST). This is being done to accommodate Jingyee's schedule .
  • Section Assignment:
  • 2 (Legacy Data Summary) - Kristin and Jerry
  • 3 (Converted Data Summary) - Mario and Claudia
  • 4 (Conversion Results) - Sandra, Erica, and D'dra

Action Items

  • [D'dra] Send Jane example of traceability matrix for raw data to converted data.
  • [Jane] Create appendices in the plan and send to team members for review.
  • [Jane] Reschedule team meetings.