Legacy Data Conversion Plan Meeting Minutes 24 June 2014

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  • Review sample document from Mario
  • Continue to review template


  • Jane Lozano
  • Mario Salas
  • Kristin Kelly
  • Jerry Salyers

Meeting Discussion

  • Jerry Salyers from Accenture has joined this working group. Welcome Jerry!
  • The team reviewed the sample document from Mario and how the content could be incorporated into the Legacy Data Conversion Plan template. We added content to the LDCP template. The template could possibly be structured like the Study Data Reviewer's Guide in that the sections can include questions and the text would be based on the answers to the questions. Kristin has a template for a table to list the studies that she will send to the team.

Action Items

  • [Kristin] Send a template for a table to list studies.
  • [Jane] Send an email to Jingyee regarding an item in the template.
  • [ALL] Think of sections that you would like to work on for the next meeting.