Lead meeting 8/12/17

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Attendees: Chris, Aji , Disa, Adama, Lauren


Sub Group 1

  • Aji Working with Will on his section completed the majority
  • Have everything uploaded by Monday
  • Marc (Section 4.3) has been sent sub set reference
  • Nicole's new use case will be working on by passing IMS
  • Disa's use case will be linking with Nicole's

Sub Group 2

  • Chris put out a draft
  • Bob, Hari and Yusuf to review draft

Sub Group 3

  • Discussed on how to split out the work
  • Look to consolidate between the three active members to start writing and then share with the wider group


  • IBM Meeting - They offered their support two people will contributing to the working group
    • Look how we can use Hyperledger
    • Think about the things that are being implemented when talking about the use cases
    • Implementation - Discussed to have a phased approach make it compatible with existing systems
    • High level use case and mention the Hybrid within the sub section to link it to the use cases
  • MEP Contact
    • No progress Disa will reach out this weekend
  • CDC - Disa met with Jim
    • Will not be able to support directly with the writing
    • Will review the paper and share information
    • Has FDA contacts which he could reach out to help review
  • Research on Estonia Blockchain
    • Chris sent a name who is a part of the ECH alliance in Estonia
    • Look to do research rather than chasing input
  • Meetings before Christmas -
    • Sub Team 1 - Doodle to send out w/c 18th
    • Sub Team 2 - Doodle to send out w/c 11th
    • Sub Team 3 - Last meeting 15th Dec
  • Cancel All team Meeting 22nd and 29th Dec
  • Chris has contacts at FDA - Could we look to ask them to review or be an advisor
  • Aji - Survey results are on their way Aji will share the data with the team


  • 18 Dec - First Draft from all Sub groups


  • LW to send out doodle for sub team 2
  • Adama - Look to develop a table with HashedHealth team to add into introduction
  • Chris to reach out to FDA contact
  • Adama- To research on Estonia Government