Lead meeting 16/01/18

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Attendees: Disa, Adama, Chris

Apologies: Aji

  • Meet face to face for first review 2nd Feb CORE team review
  • Share the use cases at the IEEE Conference and get some feedback
  • Leads to meet face to face final review (16th March)
  • 26th January - 2nd Feb to review paper

Review of paper

  • Add a section for data handling and data storage
  • Add one bubble for each section
  • Accessibility of Electronic Health Records
  • Still waiting on information from HashedHealth
  • Adama still waiting on three parts of her section
  • Add change management and Collaborations
  • Timelines and Vendor Types


  • LW to extended 2nd Feb meeting to 2 hours
  • Cancel 9th and 16th and 23rd Feb meetings
  • LW set up 11-12 call on the 21st Feb
  • Team to set up the two hour meeting on the 9th March in their own dial in details
  • Disa send the first draft out for review today 2 week deadline