Lead meeting 15/12/17

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Attendees: Adama, Disa, Aji,

Apologies: Chris


Sub team 1

  • Next meeting to be set up for the 19th 12:00-13:00
  • Nicole and Disa have set their high level use cases
  • Fernand to post his section today
  • 4.3 - completed by Mayur and Marc
  • Selena from IBM shared some documents (include some of this content in the paper)

Subteam 3

  • Using Mind Map
  • Separated the two use cases
  • Patient data use case
  • Imran, Eric and will look at the clinical supply use case
  • Richard, Karin and Adama to meet today to discuss Mind map
  • See what pieces we want to bring in after reading sub team 1 sections
  • Initial phase will focus on convincing the physicians the value of Blockchain (Proof of concept)
  • Collaboration piece -
    • Review the Mind map
    • Form a plan on how we are going to write it over the weekend
*In the use cases identify the absolute characteristics and the types of protocols available 
  • Not going to focus on implementation heavily as this would be another project but will touch on it
  • Gain an understanding on what Deloit are using their use cases for
  • HashedHealth working with Karin


  • Update on Survey
    • Free to use the survey
    • Leads to share with the sub teams
    • 126 responses
    • We could include this in the benefits
    • Include this within patients view (use this as a call out box)
    • Share data within relevant sections
    • Tablo to potentially look into the data
  • 18th December first draft
  • Leads to meet at Aji's office at 11am


  • Aji to start merging the documents together, Disa will review