Lead meeting 12/01/18

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Attendees: Chris, Adama, Adama

Apologies: Aji


  • Contributors
    • Eric - Will be providing content
    • Hari - Will be providing the use cases and the full review
    • Karin - Will provide content
    • Imran - Will provide content
    • Anders - may be providing content
    • Kenneth (Hashed Health) - Will be providing content

  • Review of Paper
    • End of each section create a summary to add to the executive summary
    • Definitions - Blockchain - To capitalise
    • Background - Add reflection on working together
    • Mention the trust element of Blockchain
    • Add table to potential benefits (IBM example)

  • AOB
    • Adama's team to look to create Communities of Practice - Imran will be leading this
    • Proposal for proof of concept once the paper is published
    • Can we decide where are interests are in terms of proof on concept
    • Deloit are helping to organise these meetings

  • Action
    • Disa to reach out to Matt McClain to see if he would like to review
    • Disa to see if Zack would like to review
    • All to capitalise Blockchain
    • All to add more definitions
    • All to add what their experiences working/collaborating within background