Lead meeting 1/12/17

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Attendees: Disa, Adama, Aji, Lauren

Apologies: Chris


Sub group 1

  • Marc - Look at the issues we are trying to resolve
  • Fernand doing a high level use case on supply chain
  • Disa and Fernand met the feedback from UCB was that we need to be careful because when we are using predictive analysis we may be using BI *solutions, need to flag that Blockchain cannot be used on its own
  • Aji - Core aspects are interoperability and permission do we describe those in other use cases?
  • Introductions
    • 4.1 - Introduction on Blockchain and explain a little on the technical element and include the formular
    • 4.2 The points that we can resolve
    • 4.3 Blockchain benefits and potential benefits (Banking sector)
  • Santander the first bank which implemented Blockchain (Disa has a contact at Santander who could get in contact with the head who implemented Blockchain at Santander)

Update on Adama's Conference

  • There was a lot of interest in Blockchain
  • Kenneth Getz from Tufted University Academia may potentially be joining (could potentially review)
  • IEEE - Imran attended the workshop all of the Pharma attendees had a proof of concept


  • New member - Jim Nasr Chief Software Architecture from CDC who would like to contribute
  • Iconiq lab based in Germany do a lot of proof of concept in different areas
  • MEP was also at the conference as a panellist but was more focused on ISO's but he could put the team in contact who works within the EU parliament who works on Blockchain
    • Could we get a testimonial from this contact?
  • BM may not be joining
  • Disa - Met the MP from Estonia (Health minister when Blockchain was approved) - could we provide him with at least 3 questions and quote him in our paper? (What is his biggest transformation in his country since Blockchain has been implemented)


  • Aji - Reach out to Marc with tasks
  • Leads - To meet on the 22nd at 11am until 5pm at
  • Disa\Aji/Adama - To search for quotes from Estonia MP on Blockchain to include in our paper
  • Disa - To reach out to MEP contact