Lead meeting 1/12/17

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Attendees: Disa, Adama, Aji, Lauren

Apologies: Chris


Sub group 1

  • Marc - To look at the issues we are trying to resolve
  • Fernand doing a high level use case on supply chain
  • Disa and Fernand met the feedback from UCB was that we need to be careful because when we are using predictive analysis we may be using BI solutions, need to flag that Blockchain cannot be used on its own
  • Aji - Core aspects are interoperability and permission do we describe those in other use cases?
  • Introductions
    • 4.1 - Introduction on Blockchain and explain a little on the technical element and include the formular
    • 4.2 The points that we can resolve
    • 4.3 Blockchain benefits and potential benefits (Banking sector)
  • Santander the first bank which implemented Blockchain (Disa has a contact at Santander who could get in contact with the head who implemented Blockchain at Santander)

Update on Adama's Conference

  • There was a lot of interest in Blockchain
  • Kenneth Getz from Tufted University Academia may potentially be joining (could potentially review)
  • IEEE - Imran attended the workshop all of the Pharma attendees had a proof of concept


  • New member - Jim Nasr Chief Software Architecture from CDC who would like to contribute
  • Iconiq lab based in Germany do a lot of proof of concept in different areas
  • MEP was also at the conference as a panellist but was more focused on ISO's but he could put the team in contact who works within the EU parliament who works on Blockchain
    • Could we get a testimonial from this contact?
  • BM may not be joining
  • Disa - Met the MP from Estonia (Health minister when Blockchain was approved) - could we provide him with at least 3 questions and quote him in our paper? (What is his biggest transformation in his country since Blockchain has been implemented)


  • Aji - Reach out to Marc with tasks
  • Leads - To meet on the 22nd at 11am until 5pm at
  • Disa\Aji/Adama - To search for quotes from Estonia MP on Blockchain to include in our paper
  • Disa - To reach out to MEP contact