Lead Meeting 24/11/17

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Attendees: Adama, Disa, Wendy, Aji

Apologies: Lauren, Chris


  • Adama – Section 3 give the two use cases in categories
    • The first category will be looking at the Smart contracts and then use a specific example to talk about it
    • The second title will be Document and Data Tracking
  • Disa – we need to be specific on what data we are using
  • Aji- Blockchain hacks were around vulnerability on smart contacts
  • We need to reference in the introduction what has happened within the industry
  • Increase the control to data
  • We want a Use case that links in with patient data and how to handle patient data
  • Should we send out a survey to people in the industry on barriers to adoption within the White Paper
  • We want to know who is happy to share their data and how? Through wearables, EMR, Electronically, to other patients? Are they willing to have this data shared?
  • Adama’s team will be doing the implementation plan and reference the specific use cases will talk about risks and challenges

Sub Group 1

  • Will add some of the high-level use cases (potentially three)
  • Broken down sections and distributed tasks to team members
  • The team will have a draft week commencing 11th December

Sub team 3

  • Editing on google drive will have a meeting and put all the information together to form the first draft
  • Mayur to take on the editing of the while document


  • Disa to let Adama know by Wednesday 29th which use cases the sub group will be using
  • Disa to submit 100 word abstract to PhUSE
  • Aji to send the team deadline dates
  • Leads to meet 22nd December in London
  • Aji to put together a survey
  • All- To reference as they write
  • All - First Draft 18th December which the leads can review and put together at the face to face meeting